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Shipping Hold on 3M Dri-Shield 2000 & 2700 Moisture Barrier Bags: Desiccant Load Retesting Suggested

3M's Dri-Shield 2000 & 2700 Series Bags are on a shipping hold.
3M's Dri-Shield 2000 & 2700 Series Bags
are on a shipping hold.


3M has now added the 3M SCC Dri-Shield 3000 Series and 3400 Series Moisture Barrier Bags to their shipping hold list. The Dri-Shield 2000, 2700, 3000, and 3400 Series Bags will be unavailable until further notice. We will continue to provide updated information about these bags as it becomes available to us.

For questions about the 3M Moisture Barrier Bags or related issues, please call us at 800-966-6020 or email us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

3M recently announced a shipping hold on their 3M Moisture Barrier Bags SCC Dri-Shield 2000 and SCC Dri-Shield 2700. The hold was put in place after tests showed Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTR is the amount of moisture that passes through to the bag interior over time) were above the specifications for these products. 3M is continuing to conduct tests and investigate the issue.

3M reported they have received questions regarding performance of the packaging system when using the Dri-Shield 2000 and 2700 Bags with desiccant. Desiccant is placed in the bag prior to sealing to capture moisture. The amount of desiccant needed is calculated by using:
  • The bag's MVTR
  • The maximum amount of humidity allowed inside the bag, based on the user's product
  • The expected storage temperature and humidity conditions for the bag
  • The expected storage time
  • The desiccant‘s moisture capture capacity
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In relation to 3M's recent test results for the Dri-Shield 2000 and 2700 Moisture Barrier Bags, desiccant users may need to recalculate their desiccant needs based on the MVTR numbers from these recent tests (0.045843 to 0.040871 for Dri-Shield 2000 Bags and 0.018097 for Dri-Shield 2700 Bags). If these new calculations reveal the amount of desiccant is insufficient for these existing bags, 3M suggests the following options:
  • Reduce the storage time
  • Change the storage humidity conditions outside of the bag
  • Periodically, open a limited number of bags and read the humidity indicator card (HIC) to confirm acceptable bag interior dryness. Reseal opened bags with additional new desiccant
  • Proactively add desiccant to the bag now
In addition to these steps for existing Dri-Shield 2000 and 2700 Bags, 3M's SCC Dri-Shield 3000 Series and SCC Dri-Shield 3400 Series Moisture Barrier Bags are still available as an alternative. The Q Source Resource will continue to provide status updates about the 2000 and 2700 Series Bags as information becomes available.

3M's Dri-Shield 3000 & 3400 Series Bags are available at
3M Dri-Shield 3000 & 3400 Series Bags
have now been added to the ship hold list.
For more information about, or to place an order for, Dri-Shield 3000 Series or Dri-Shield 3400 Series Moisture Barrier Bags please visit You can also give us a call at 800-966-6020 or contact us via email.

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