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OKi, Lymtech Announce Rebranding Name Changes

BLOG UPDATE 2 (10/7/13): The Metcal branded MFR systems are now shipping. In addition, newly designed handpieces (MFR-H1-SC2 and MFR-H2-ST2) will ship with the Metcal branded MFR systems. These new lightweight and ergonomic handpieces replace the MFR-H1-SC and MFR-H2-ST cartridge and tip handpieces, which were reported to be too big and bulky. The MFR-H1-SC2 and MFR-H2-ST2 will also dissipate heat more efficiently. There is no price difference between the new and old handpieces.

BLOG UPDATE (9/10/13): The rebranding of Metcal’s MFR Series Soldering and Desoldering equipment has been delayed. The effective date is now October 1, 2013. For more information please visit

OK International (OKi), maker of bench tools, equipment and related products for electronics and industrial product assembly; and Lymtech Scientific, maker of clean-wiping products for critical environments and specialty applications, recently announced they will undergo name changes as part of rebranding efforts. OKi products will now be branded as Metcal and Lymtech will be known as Essentra Porous Technologies (a division of Essentra plc).

OKi Focuses on Wider Audience

OKi believes that this rebranding will "make the Metcal product line accessible to a wider audience by carrying forward the value proposition created by the OKi brand." This name change encompasses all OKi soldering & desoldering, fume extraction, handheld convection equipment, and fluid dispensing products. OKi is aiming to have all of their products rebranded as Metcal by the end of this September. Current OKi branded products will be sold and distributed until they are out of stock.

Most of the OKi products will retain the same functionality, performance, and warranty with only a logo change. Examples of these cosmetic changes follow:
  • PS-900 Soldering System: Logo change
  • Soldering Cartridges & Tips: Inserts on consumables will read Metcal
  • HCT-900 & HCT-1000 Convection Rework: Logo change and faceplate color change on HCT-1000
  • Fluid Dispensing: Logo change on all fluid dispensing systems and consumables
  • MFR Series: Logo change and faceplate color change (Please note: MFR cartridge and tip handpieces will undergo a style change, details to come)

Lymtech Aligning with Parent Company

Lymtech's rebranding changes their legal name to align with their parent company, Essentra, plc. Come this October 14th, they will no longer be known as John R. Lyman Company, d/b/a Lymtech Scientific, but will adopt the company name of Essentra Porous Technologies.

The rebranded Lymtech products will undergo a name and logo change, but the products and part numbers will remain the same. Lymtech’s facility, manufacturing process, equipment, and location will also not change. Lymtech looks forward to continuing their reputation for "quality, reliability, dependability, and world-class service."

For more information about OKi, Metcal, or Lymtech products please visit You can also give us a call at 800-966-6020 or contact us via email.

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