Thursday, August 15, 2013

OKi Discontinues Original Multi-Function Desoldering Systems

OK International (OKi) announced recently the discontinuation of their original Multi-Function Desoldering Systems. The discontinued items have been replaced with OKi’s MFR-1150 and MFR-1300 Series Desoldering and Rework Systems.

The discontinued part numbers include the following: the MFR-DSI Desoldering System, the MFR-DSX Desoldering System, the MFR-SDI Soldering/Desoldering System, the MFR-SDX Soldering/Desoldering System, the MFR-PS2K Two-Port Power Supply, the MFR-PS2X Two-Port Power Supply, the MFR-HDS Desoldering Handpiece, and the MFR-WSDS Workstand. The MFR-1300 or MFR-1500 Series can replace most of these parts.

For instance, the MFR-DSI and MFR-SDI have been replaced by the MFR-1300 Desoldering Systems. The 1300 Series use the same desoldering tips as the discontinued systems. The MFR-H5-DS is backwards compatible with the old MFR-HDS Handpiece. And the MFRDSX has been replaced by the MFR-1150 Desoldering System, which includes the MFR-H5-DS Handpiece and MFR-WSDSX Workstand.

The replacement parts are as indicated: MFR-1350 Dual Output Desoldering System w/Internal Pump, MFR-1150 Single Output Desoldering System, MFR-1351 Dual Output Soldering/Desoldering System w/Internal Pump, MFR-PS1300 Switched Power Supply w/Internal Pump, MFR-H5-DS Desoldering Handpiece w/Selectable Grip & Cord, and MFR-WSDSU Universal Workstand for Desoldering Handpiece.

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