Thursday, July 18, 2013

Questions for Q-Bot: The Spudger – More Than Just a Pointy Stick

Dear Q-Bot:
This may be a really silly question, but what the heck is a spudger?
– J.M. via email

Dear J.M.:
There are no silly questions…just silly humans. But, spudger is certainly a silly word for a very useful tool.

Spudgers have been around for a while, but have seen a renewed popularity with the increased use of cell phones, tablets, and other modern electronics. A basic definition of a spudger is:
A tool used for poking or adjusting small wires and components or opening the cases of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic or telecommunications devices.
Generally used as a picking tool, spudgers typically have a pointed end and an opposite broad end. The pointed end is typically used for separating wires and manipulating small components in tight areas. The blunt end is used for tasks like scratch-free opening of cases and scraping or removing of substances like grease. The spudger is also a very helpful tool for holding and moving components in soldering applications.

Often made of wood or plastic, spudgers are non-conductive/antistatic tools that are perfect for working with sensitive electronics. A glass-filled, nylon plastic spudger made by SCS is available at

So, J.M., your "silly" question about this handy stick we call a spudger has been answered. Just what is it about you humans and your fascination with sticks anyway? Heh, heh.

Thanks very much for your question. Please continue reading The Q Source Resource blog. — Q-Bot

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