Thursday, July 25, 2013

JBC Tools NANT Nano Soldering Stations: Dual Irons for Simultaneous Nano Soldering

Created for high-precision soldering jobs, and in response to customer demands, the new JBC NANT Nano Soldering Stations are targeted at applications that require more than one nano soldering iron at the same time. The three new NANT stations use the same control unit as JBC Tool's popular NAST-1A NANO Digital Soldering Station.

If you're working with small components such as 0402, 0201, and 01005 chips (or chips that must be viewed under a microscope) the NANT stations' two NT105 Nano Soldering Irons can be used simultaneously for high-precision nano soldering work. The extremely lightweight and comfortable NT105 irons offer maximum control through their short tip-to-grip distance and, used with the C105 cartridges, provide up to 15 watts of power.


The JBC NANT stations utilize JBC's exclusive heating system with intelligent sleep and hibernation features. The control unit's built-in display offers a menu allowing for customization of more than 20 parameters to help you manage your soldering processes.

The JBC NANT Nano Soldering Stations are updated with all of the new NAST technology including:

Easier Tool Placement
  • An anti-rotating clamp on top of the cable collector, which prevents cable tangles
  • Tool holders present a wider angle to ease placement of tools
Cleaning & Extraction Set
  • A cleaning and extraction set, which allows for increased productivity and time savings
  • The two cleaning stands, with a splashguard and a cartridge extractor, allow for quick & safe one-handed cartridge changes
  • Availability of different cleaning systems for organizing the nano cartridges according to the application
The three new JBC NANT Nano Soldering Stations are available in 100 V (NANT-9B 100V), 120 V (NANT-1B 120V), and 230 V (NANT-2B 230V) models. All three stations use JBC's durable, instant heat-up C105 Cartridges and offer the following specifications:
  • Weight: 3.5 lb. (1.6 kg)
  • Size: 170 x 290 x 160 mm
  • Voltage (AC): 230 V/120 V/100 V
  • Input Fuse: 0.2A (230 V), 0.5A (120 V and 100 V)
  • Output Peak Power: 12 W/7.5 V
  • Temperature Selection: 90-400 ºC/190-752 ºF
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 10-40 ºC/50-104 ºF
  • ESD Safe: Yes
  • Package Weight: 4.96 lb. (2.25 kg)
  • Package Dimensions: 276 x 276 x 136 mm
The JBC NANT Nano Soldering Stations and C105 Cartridges are available now at For other JBC Tools products please visit their respective pages. You can also give us a call at 800-966-6020 or contact us via email to place an order or get more info.

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