Friday, May 10, 2013

JBC Tools Upgrades Hot Air Station Range

JBC Tools announced recently that they've upgraded their Hot Air Stations with new profile software to allow the user to create up to 25 work processes and personalize up to nine steps for each program (three parameters for each step - Temperature (ºC/ºF),Air Flow (%) and Time (s)). Existing users can update to the new software via the built-in USB connection or through a UC1000 cable if USB is unavailable.

The JBC Tools JT-1QB JT Premium Series ESD-Safe Digital High-Power Hot Air Station, JT-1B JT Premium Series ESD-Safe Digital High-Power Hot Air Station, TE-1QB TE Premium Series ESD-Safe Precision Digital Hot Air Station, and the TE-1B TE Premium Series ESD-Safe Precision Digital Hot Air Station use jointly extractors and protectors for quick, safe desoldering that protects surrounding components by concentrating heat only on the component to be desoldered. These units can access information about the free software update by clicking here.

These four new "B" models are a response to customer feedback and they offer improved features including the USB connection for generating graphs, upgrading software, and monitoring parameters from a PC; and an adjustable stand that allows the user to turn a screw and find their best possible working position. The JT-1B and TE-1B models include an extractor desk that has been adapted to work with most current applications. The TE-1B and TE-1QB units also add a new TE-TB precision heater, which is lighter and more ergonomic.

For more information about, or to place an order for a JBC Hot Air Station, please visit, give us a call at 800-966-6020, or contact us via email. For other JBC products, please visit our JBC Tools Department.

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