Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vision Engineering's Mantis Elite Cam: Integrated Digital Camera Allows Simultaneous Optical & Digital Viewing

Vision Engineering's Mantis Elite Cam is the third, and final, entry in our three-part series focusing on the Mantis line of stereo microscopes. Like the Mantis Compact and Mantis Elite, the Mantis Elite Cam is packed with impressive features and magnification options suited to various precision tasks.

The Mantis Elite Cam retains all of the features of the Mantis Elite and adds an internal digital camera for easy image capturing and documentation. Because it is identical to a standard Mantis Elite, the Elite Cam is compatible with all of the Mantis Elite options and configurations.


The factory-integrated and sealed digital USB 2.0 camera allows for simultaneous optical and digital viewing. In addition to the integrated digital camera, the Mantis Elite Cam includes a Mantis Elite optical head and free PC software, which allows for basic image capture in a number of formats including BMP, JPEG, and PNG.


Vision Engineering's patented eyepieceless technology is found on all of the Mantis models. It allows for the operator to have enhanced head movement and to wear glasses, if required. The Mantis Elite Cam also offers the Mantis Elite magnification options up to 20x and provides long working distances and large depths of field (see the Optical Data chart for more information).
Optical Data
Objective Lenses (Sold Separately) Working Distance Field of View
160 mm
57.0 mm
96 mm
34.0 mm
68 mm
23.0 mm
6x SLWD*
112 mm
20.0 mm
59 mm
17.0 mm
54 mm
13.5 mm
40 mm
8.8 mm
29 mm
6.5 mm
* Cannot be used together with 2x or 20x objective lens

Other money-saving and productivity enhancing features of the Mantis Elite Cam include:
  • Quick-change turret with 2x-20x magnification options, allows operators to switch between low-magnification inspection and high-magnification fine-detail applications
  • True-color, LED illumination provides more than 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing
  • Illumination data: Mantis Elite Cam = 24 LEDs & 11,000 LUX, Substage (Bench Stand Only) = 13 LEDs & 1,200 - 4,000 LUX
  • Superb hand-eye coordination makes inspection and manipulation tasks simpler
  • Small footprint
  • Multiple stand options

MANTIS ELITE CAM ACCESSORIES & PACKAGES offers a number of objective lenses and special packages related to the Vision Engineering Mantis Elite Cam head unit. The special Q Source created packages include the MEHCAM-001/MEF-001US Mantis Elite-Cam Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Articulating Arm/Stand/C-Clamp & Integrated Digital Camera, the MEHCAM-001/MES-006US Mantis Elite-Cam Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Bench Stand & Integrated Digital Camera, and the MEHCAM-001/MES-005US Mantis Elite-Cam Series Stereo Microscope Visual Inspection System w/Universal Stand & Integrated Digital Camera.

That concludes our look at Vision Engineering's Mantis Series of stereo microscopes. For further details, or to place a non-Internet order for your own Mantis, please call (800-966-6020) or email us and one of our helpful Vision Engineering experts will be happy to assist you.

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