Monday, March 18, 2013

Hot Savings on STEINEL's Multi-Purpose Electronic Heat Gun Kit

Hankering for hot savings on a heat gun? Then this sale oughta warm you up! From now until December 20, 2013, save more than 42% on STEINEL®'S HL 1910 E Variable Temperature Electronic Heat Gun Multi-Purpose Kit.

The STEINEL 34836 Multi-Purpose Electronic Heat Gun Kit includes the HL 1910 E Heat Gun with its adjustable temperature wheel and DuraTherm™ heating system. The kit also features a variety of accessories for use in precise, controlled heating applications.

HL 1910 E Electronic Heat Gun

A powerful heat gun, the RoHS-compliant STEINEL HL 1910 E uses its variable temperature (see Temperature Dial Settings chart below) and electronic thermocouple control for adaptable use and reliability. This versatile tool is suitable for a number of tasks such as plastic welding, heat shrink, automotive repair, bending pipe, shrink tubing, and forming plastic to railings.

Temperature Dial Settings
Temp. Dial Setting Temp. Range °F Temp. Range °C Sample Applications
100 – 160 °F
37.8 – 71.1 °C
Cleaning surfaces
200 – 300 °F
93.3 – 148.9 °C
Activating adhesives
375 – 475 °F
190.6 – 246.1 °C
Shaping/removing flooring materials
475 – 575 °F
246.1 – 301.7 °C
Welding PE, LDPE, PP, and thawing pipes
600 – 700 °F
315.6 – 371.1 °C
Welding ABS, PBT, PC, and lap welding plastic sheeting
725 – 825 °F
385.0– 440.6 °C
Desoldering circuit boards
850– 950 °F
454.4 – 510.0 °C
Stripping paint, loosening nuts/screws
975 – 1075 °F
523.9 – 579.4 °C
Desoldering copper pipes
102 5 – 1125 °F
551.7 – 607.2 °C

The HL 1910 E's DuraTherm Heating Element is a ceramic encapsulated heating system with coils that are wound through a series of stacked ceramic disks. This "honey-comb" effect promotes even heat and long life. In addition to the DuraTherm element, the Electronic Thermocouple Control is a microprocessor for heat measurement, which regulates and prevents heat back up. This feature also extends tool life and allows for the use of specialty reduction nozzles.

Other features and benefits of the STEINEL HL 1910 E Electronic Heat Gun include:
  • Variable temperature & airflow control (Temperature: 120 - 1100°F, Airflow: 3.6/10.6/17.6 CFM)
  • Approved for use of reduction nozzles
  • Three-stage switch: 1. Cool/2. Low /3. High
  • Output: 1500 watts
  • Voltage: 120 VAC/60Hz
  • Dual air filters
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Double insulated
  • Rubber stand
  • Rubber power cord

HL 1910 E Multi-Purpose Kit

The accessories included in the STEINEL 34836 Multi-Purpose Kit offer a number of reflector nozzles (9 mm, 14 mm, and 39 mm) and a reducer nozzle (9 mm). The reflector nozzles are used to direct air around pipes and tubing for even heating. The reduction nozzle pinpoints a focused stream of hot air for precision welding and soldering.

The 34836 Kit also contains:
  • Plastic welding nozzle
  • Overhead hanger
  • Welding rod assortment: ABS, PP, PVC, LDPE, & HDPE
  • Guide book
  • Heavy-duty case
To learn more about the STEINEL 34836 HL 1910 E Variable Temperature Electronic Heat Gun Multi-Purpose Kit, and to place an order, please visit We can also be contacted via email or at 800-966-6020. While you're at our Web site, please check out our STEINEL Department, which features dozens of heat guns and accessories.

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