Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brady to Release LINK 360 Version 2.1 Update in April

Brady Worldwide (Brady) will release an update to their Brady LINK360™ software product during the first week of April. LINK360, Brady’s cloud-based Visual Information Management (VIM) system, is used for managing visual information on and around equipment and machines.

The upcoming Version 2.1 update includes a number of new features to make the management process easier and more efficient. Brady LINK360 V2.1 will include the following additions:
  • Lockout Device Lists - Users will be able to view and print lockout device lists for selected machines/lockout procedures
  • Check List for Sign Off - Users be able to print, view, and archive signed-off printed check lists
  • Native iPad App - Employees will be able to do their work at the machine (creating, auditing, and editing procedures) with the BRADY LINK360 Lockout Center native app
These upgrades will help users of the subscription-based LINK 360 product create and maintain a safe workplace environment and employ visuals, reports, and feedback routines to maximize equipment performance. Version 2.1 will be the third update of the LINK360 platform since its debut in August 2012. Previous updates added such benefits as:

  • Paging Tools - Provided two types of paging options for viewing multiple pages of data or procedures. Depending on where a user was in the system, they could choose the option to "Show More," which displays an additional 20 items (usually procedures), or use the Paging Control, which displays a drop-down list that let them choose how many items they wanted displayed on the page at one time (usually for data lists)
  • LOTO Template Editing - Added new template properties that let the user choose to display an Energy Source Icon, an Identifier (ID), or both a small icon and ID on the procedure(s)
  • Setup Routing Requirements - Let company administrators setup the way the company procedures should be reviewed and approved. Options included: No approval required, 1st level approval required, 2nd level approval required
Current LINK360 subscribers will receive the 2.1 update at no cost and the update will be made to their software automatically. New customers will get the updated Version 2.1 with their subscription.

For more information about Brady's LINK360 platform please refer to our previous blog post, "Brady's LINK360 Cloud-Based Software Platform: Ease of Use for Ease of Mind". Also, for an insight into the importance of visual information management, please read, "Information Management as a Means for Dynamic Communication" written by our Brady guest blogger, Marlon Davis.

To purchase a LINK360 license please contact Q Source via phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our Brady experts will gladly assist you.

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