Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hakko's FX-888D Digital Soldering Station: A New Digital Update to the Popular FX-888

All the best things eventually go digital: TVs, cell phones, and now Hakko's popular FX-888 Soldering Station*. Hakko recently announced that the Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station (FX888D-23BY) will be available January 14, 2013.

Coming as an update to the soon-to-be discontinued FX-888, the Hakko FX-888D adds digital functionality and several new features. Included in this update are user selectable preset temperatures & digital calibration, password protection, and a low-temperature alarm.

Hakko FX888D-23BY - Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station
Hakko FX888D-23BY
Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station
Boasting a small footprint (the station body is a compact 100 mm W x 120 mm D), and the now familiar yellow and blue color scheme, the FX-888D offers features and benefits that take the original analog version to a whole new level:

  • Temperature range: 120° - 899°F (50° - 480°C)
  • Digital readout displays °F or °C
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • When set to 400 - 899°F (200 - 480°C), maintains idle temperature within 1.8°F (1°C)
  • Preset mode allows you to store up to five preset temperatures
  • Ceramic heating element and sensor for rapid heat-up temperature and fast thermal recovery
  • Password-protected temperature setting functionality
  • Ergonomic, lightweight iron handles
  • Wide selection of tips available for soldering SMD and through-hole applications
  • Use with Hakko T18 series tips
  • ESD Safe
  • Compact design takes up less bench space

The Hakko FX-888D was designed to be easier to use (the station features just two buttons, "UP" and "ENTER") and give the operator more power to manage temperatures with its digital display and various options. These options include the Adjustment Mode (which allows the user to program the FX-888D with the measured tip temperature), the Preset Mode (which allows the user to create up to five preset temperature settings and select them with the press of the button), and the Password Function (which allows for the locking temperature changes or settings with a password).

The FX-888D is also adaptable to changing needs of the user's worksite with its selection of optional accessories such as the FX-8804 SMD Hot Tweezers for SMD rework or the FX-8802 N2 System Soldering Iron for applications using mildly activated flux and multilayer boards.

When the new Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station ships it will include the FX-888D Station, FX-8801 Soldering Iron, T18-D16 Soldering Iron Tip, FH800-01BY Iron Holder, the A1559 Cleaning Sponge, and the A1561 Cleaning Wire. Dozens of T18 tips and accessories are already available.


  • Temperature Range: 120° - 899°F (50° - 480°C)
  • Temperature Stability: ±1.8°F (1.0°C)
  • Temperature Control: Closed-loop sensor
  • Dimensions:  100 mm W x 120 mm H x 120 mm D, 3.9” W x 4.7” H x 4.7” D
  • Shipping Dimensions: 242 mm W x 178 mm H x 242 mm D, 9.5” W x 7.0” H x 9.5” D
  • Weight: 2.6 lb. (1.2 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 4.7 lb. (2.13 kg)
  • ESD Safe: Yes
  • IPC J-STD-001 Standard: Meets or exceeds requirements
  • Model Name: FX-8801
  • Part Number: FX8801-02
  • Power Consumption: 65W/26VAC
  • Tip: T18 Series
  • Standard Tip: T18-D16 (shape 1.6D)
  • Tip-to-Ground Resistance: < 2 ohms
  • Tip-to-Ground Potential: < 2mV
  • Heating Element: Ceramic
  • Handpiece Length (w/o cord): 8.5” (217 mm), with T18-D16 tip
  • Cord Length/Reach: 3.9’ (1.2 m)
  • Weight: (w/o cord) 0.1 lb. (46 g) with T18-D16 tip
The new Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station is available from and will begin shipping on January 14, 2013. Our selection of Hakko T18 Tips and FX-888 Accessories are available for immediate purchase.

For further information about the Hakko FX-888D Digital Soldering Station, or to place an order for this or any of our Hakko soldering products, please contact us via email or phone (800-966-6020). Our helpful, expert staff will help you find the product solution that best fits your needs.

* Please note: The original FX-888 Soldering Station is available from until inventory is depleted.

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