Friday, December 28, 2012

Hakko Announces New Product, Upgrades, and a Discontinuation

We recently told you the news about Hakko’s new FX-888D Digital Soldering Station to be released in January. But Hakko didn’t stop there with product-related announcements for December:

Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station
Update to the Hakko FX-951 Face Plate
Hakko announced a change to the design of the FX-951 face plate, receptacle, and PCB to improve the connection of the FM-2027 Connector. This update strengthens the connection, but does not impact the performance or specifications of the unit. The new assembly is backwards-compatible with older Hakko FX-951 models with serial numbers before 05951212011683. For more info please see Hakko Bulletin # PB331.

Improvement to the Hakko FR-1012B Board Holder
The Y-axis rails of the FR-1012B IR Preheater board holder have been improved by converting them to the rail type being used by the Hakko FR-870 IR Preheater. This change creates smoother movement of the rails for adjusting PCB fit on your board holder. Product specifications and performance remain the same for this unit. For more info please see Hakko Bulletin # PB332.

Hakko PD-03-D ESD-Safe
Manual Desoldering Tool
Discontinuation of the Hakko HJ2000 Desoldering Tool and Introduction of the Hakko PD-03-D ESD-Safe Manual Desoldering Tool
Hakko announced that the HJ2000 ESD-Safe Manual Desoldering Tool was discontinued and replaced by their new PD-03-D ESD-Safe Manual Desoldering Tool. The PD-03-D is a lightweight tool for removing residual solder from desoldering operations. For more info please see Hakko Bulletins # PB333 and # PB334.

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