Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time to Focus on Savings: Our Scienscope International Sale is Almost Over

There are just a few days left…so it's time to focus on savings! Our exciting, money-saving opportunity to get an extra 10% OFF all Scienscope items at ends September 30, 2012.

Scienscope International is a complete inspection solution provider and if you look closely at the Scienscope Department on we're sure you'll find the right visual inspection tool for your needs. The September Social Networking Sale allows you to take an additional savings on items from our Microscopes & Visual Inspection Systems, Task Lights & Illuminated Magnifiers, and Microscope Accessories categories. Browsing through those categories you'll discover high-quality products including the MZ7-PK2-AN-U MZ7 Series Micro Zoom Video Inspection System, the ML4-5D-45-ESD ESD-Safe Illuminated Magnifier w/5-Diopter Lens, and the CC-97-LN1 Macro Zoom Lens for MAC Series Macro Video Zoom Inspection System.

With time to save running out so quickly, we recommend you zoom on over to the Coupons tab of our Facebook page. Once there you can "like" us and get access to the special code for our September Social Networking Sale. You'll also be all set to receive the code for our future monthly sales.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unitron's TCS Pro 500: A "Resolutionary" Table PC

Resolutionary. That's how Unitron, a leading manufacturer of microscopes and microscopy products, refers to their newest innovation: The TCS Pro 500.

The TCS Pro 500 (formerly known as the iMAGE PAD 500) was created to answer the needs of a number of applications (including Production/Assembly, Defect Analysis/Quality Control, Metallurgy, Pathology, Cytology, and Microbiology) by combining a powerful tablet PC with a 5-megapixel HD camera and feature-packed image analysis software. Users can easily view live 720P video images capture them, and share them with co-workers via the 10", Android 2.3 OS-powered tablet.

Unitron's TCS Pro 500 Tablet PC
Unitron says there is no other microscopy tool available like the TCS Pro 500 today. Let's take a closer look at the features of this ground-breaking system and how it will fit in with your requirements:

Regardless of what industry tasks you are working with, the TCS Pro 500's 9.7" HD LED backlit touch screen, 8GB of memory, and 10-hour battery life are must-have features. Add in the stability of the Android 2.3 OS, the 1.2GHz ARM Cortex® A8 Core Processor, and a variety of built-in interfaces and you've got a solid tool that provides speed, efficiency, and the invaluable ability to share data easily with colleagues.

Tablet Specifications
  • Backlit 9.7” (1024 x 678) HD LED screen display
  • Multi-point touch screen, G-sensor
  • Adjustable 90º incline, wideview angle
  • Android 2.3 OS System running on a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex® A8 Core Processor w/1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB internal storage (optional 16GB)
  • Mini USB 2.0, HDMI, Micro SD card slot (up to 32GB), SIM card slot interfaces
  • Headphone jack
  • Audio built-in Class-D digital stereo speaker
  • Built-in microphone
  • Wi-Fi supports wireless data network, wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
  • 3G network optional 3G module; external 3G card slot (supports WCDMA/EVDO/TDSCDMA)
  • Supported Media File Formats:
    • Video: MPEG-2 Main-High, H.264 BP/MP/HP, VC1 SP/MP/AP, RV10 8/9/0, MPEG-4/Xvid SP/ASP, DivX 3/4/5/6, H.263 P0/P3, MJPEG Encode: H.264 BP, H.263 P0/P3, MPEG-4 SP, MPEG-2 Main-Main, MJPEG, 3D
    • Audio: MP3, ACC, ADTS, M4A, WMA
    • Photo: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG
  • Applications Software:
    • Measurement (size, angle, area, rectangle, cell count)
    • Software controls contrast, exposure control, color offset & more
    • Email, Google Search, Calendar, Clock, Calculator, Quick Office Pro (Quick Word, Quick Sheet, Quick Point, Quick PDF), Google Android Market support for thousands of applications downloads
  • Ambient Condition 30º C to +70º C
  • Power external adapter: AC 110V~220V; Output: DC5V 3A
  • 10-hour battery: 3.7V 6400mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
  • Accessories Included: USB cable and user manual
One of the two unique components (the imaging software being the other) that make the TCS Pro 500 such a useful device is the built-in, 5-megapixel HD camera. Partnering this tablet and with this camera allows the TCS Pro to go beyond other HD cameras available on the market, which usually require a separate monitor and rarely provide an option to capture images to a flash drive, SD card, or via Wi-Fi to a network.

Camera Specifications
  • Sensor/Adapter: 1/2” CMOS/C-mount
  • Resolution: 5-megapixel CMOS built-in camera system (2592 x 1936)
  • Frame rate image preview: 30fps at full resolution video: 720P/15fps
  • Pixel array: 2.2 μm x 2.2 μm
  • White balance: Manual/Automatic/Preset
  • Controls: Programmable gain, frame rate, frame size, exposure
  • Shutter type: Global Reset Release (GRR)
  • Color filter array: RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Dynamic range: 71dB
  • SNRMAX: 40.5dB
The ability for the user to view real-time, live HD video and then capture, record, and share that content is accomplished through the impressive VMS3.6 Image Analysis Software. The captured images can then be annotated, manipulated, and analyzed before saving or being easily exported.

Software Specifications
  • Real-time, live HD video display in 720p resolution
  • Images can be captured or video can be recorded
  • Captured images can be measured, annotated
  • Cell counts can be performed
  • Shapes can be drawn to circle or highlight regions of interest
  • Measurement results can be exported into Word, Excel or PDF files quickly and easily
  • Calibrations can be stored and recalled easily for repeatability
  • Camera settings can be easily adjusted for exposure, gain and white balance
  • Zoom in or out of captured images
  • Images and video files can be easily exported via SD card, USB flash drive or via wireless network
Boasting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification standards for design and production, the Unitron TCS Pro 500 is built for daily use in the industrial assembly/production and clinical/biological fields. Each of the tablet's specification has been chosen to help you get your job done correctly and efficiently. For example, the Android 2.3 operating system was chosen specifically as the most stable platform for the VMS3.6 imaging software and the multiple storage and Wi-Fi options were implemented to make it easier to share data with co-workers.

Q Source is excited to now offer the TCS Pro 500 on our Web site. We're accepting pre-orders for the unit, which will ship approximately October 1, 2012. If you have further questions about this tablet or other Unitron products on, please contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our helpful experts will assist you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Q Source's Tools for Successful Soldering

Soldering jobs of all levels range from the easy to the incredibly challenging. To achieve a quality result you need ability, know-how, and the proper tools. We're constantly on the lookout for great soldering tips, tricks, that perfect how-to article, and of course, the best tools that we can share with you.

This time around, we're focusing on a few excellent tools you can use to make your soldering jobs easier. As we look at a few basic steps of soldering*, we'll make suggestions for helpful tool solutions**:

Using the correct soldering iron is like using the proper gas in your car: If you choose the wrong one your iron's performance will suffer and you may even cause damage to your project.'s line of soldering irons from industry leaders like Hakko, JBC Tools, Metcal, OKi & Weller includes tools perfect for a variety of soldering applications. We have general-purpose irons like JBC's T245-A Standard General-Purpose Soldering Handpiece. Or, if you are attempting more difficult soldering, such as high heat sink applications, check out this FM-2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron from Hakko.

Transforming Technologies MT-Textured Series Mats 
After you've selected the correct iron and solder, you should consider your workspace. Using an ESD mat at your workstation or table helps protect your project from ESD damage. offers a number of ESD Table Mats from Transforming Technologies & 3M that will do the trick. For example, this ESD-safe, rubber mat from Transforming Technologies' MT-Textured Series offers excellent resistance to soldering irons, hot solders, and most solvents.

PanaVise 324 Electronic Work Center
If you're doing precision soldering, or need to firmly secure the item you're working on, a handy option to consider using is a vise or work holder. Featuring heavy-duty items from Fancort Industries & PanaVise Products, has a number of styles suited to just about every type of work-holding need. We've previously told you about the high-quality PanaVise 324 Electronic Work Center and recommend that you check out our article and video for further details.

Another important factor to consider for your soldering environment is fume extraction. During soldering, certain rosin-based soldering fluxes and/or lead-based solders produce dangerous fumes when heated (especially at high temperatures). Exposure to these fumes can lead to respiratory problems, skin reactions, and even cancer.

Hakko FA-430 Fume Extraction System
Using a fume extractor or smoke absorber can protect you from the risks posed by these hazardous fumes. At, we offer dozens of fume extraction units and accessories. The Hakko FA-430 Fume Extraction System offers three airflow settings and a built-in filter replacement function. The more compact Hakko FA-400 ESD-safe Bench Top Smoke Absorber can be positioned in three different configurations with the horizontal position being the most efficient and providing the most airflow.

One way to help keep your soldering tip clean is by using flux before you begin working. Made to remove oxides and keep them away while you solder, flux is a great resource to have on hand. The main decision when choosing a flux is how active it is. Highly active fluxes can remove more difficult oxides and do it faster. For hand-soldering projects, the usual choices include "no-clean" and RMA at the less active side of the scale and RA and water soluble at the higher end. You'll find a selection of quality flux products from AIM Solder and JBC Tools at AIM's No-Clean Liquid Flux is a good example of an alcohol-based flux made for lead-free soldering applications.

If your soldering tips have become dirty, it's a good idea to clean them before starting your soldering job. We've compiled a complete department of soldering accessories (featuring great brands like Hakko, JBC Tools, Metcal, OKi, Plato, R&R Lotion, Techspray, and Weller) including items for tip cleaning. Quick and easy ways to clean your tip include JBC's Brass Cleaning Wool or, if you do a lot of soldering with lead-free alloys using high tip temperatures with very active fluxes, you may want to try Hakko's FT-700 Tip Polisher.

Another great way to keep your soldering tip clean and extend its life is by using a tip tinner. By coating the tip with a tip tinning product from JBC Tools, Plato, or R&R Lotion, you'll protect, arguably, the most important part of the iron from harsh soldering environments. R&R Lotion's TIP-T I.C. Lead-Free Tip Tinner is great for use with no-clean, rosin, water-soluble, and lead-free fluxes.

Hakko T-18 Soldering Tip
We'll leave it for a how-to article to cover the best process of how to apply solder. But we will offer up one suggestion for those of you using the JBC Tools NP105 Nano-Tweezers. For a more precise grip and better control of the iron, how about trying these replacement N1738 Sleeves? Check out this article, to learn more about how the N1738 Sleeves provide greater accuracy.

Different soldering jobs require certain tip types and specific kinds of solder. At, you'll find more than 500 quality soldering tips from brands like Hakko, JBC Tools, Metcal, OKi, and Weller. Need a conical tip from Hakko or perhaps a chisel tip from Weller? We've got them! And don't let us forget to tell you about our selection of soldering pastes, bar solders, and spool wire solders from AIM Solder.

When you've finished your quality soldering job (and we know it's quality because you've read this article and chosen all the right tools), you may want to clean up the leftover flux and residue. Whether you decide to clean up the residue, especially with "no-clean" fluxes, depends on your workplace standards, cosmetic preferences, and the type of project. To help you attain your cleaning standards, carries flux removers/cleaners from MicroCare & Techspray with a range of choices from MicroCare's complete Circuit Board Cleaning Station Kit to Techspray's EcoLine™ Flux Remover 10-ounce can.

Well, there you have it: Our quick guide to using the proper tools to make your soldering jobs easier. offers more than 1,600 soldering- and desoldering-related items to help make your soldering experience successful. We'll continue to tell you about new tools as we get them and pass along those great soldering tips and videos we discover from around the Internet.

If you have a specific soldering-related need and you haven't found it on our Web site, reach out to us and we'll be happy to help you. Our knowledgeable experts can be contacted via phone (800-966-6020) or email. Happy soldering!

* We understand your methods may vary.
** We're also assuming that you already have a soldering station.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Be Our Guest at INTERPHEX

In our recent INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012 preview article, we announced that Q Source would be exhibiting at the conference and reminded you to stop by our Booth 723. This time around, we're very excited to tell you about a special opportunity to be our guest at INTERPHEX.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to come visit our booth and get the most out of the conference, so we're offering you a FREE exhibit hall admission and 15% OFF a full conference pass. All you have to do is follow the link to our INTERPHEX Invite page and click on REGISTER.

Once you've registered, you'll be all set to enjoy the new conference program (featuring dedicated tracks for Pharma/Bio, Medical Device, Buildings & Facilities, and Technical Writing) and to fully explore the exhibit hall (featuring more than 200 vendors demonstrating the latest technology, products, and services). Of course, we highly recommend making Q Source's Booth 723 your first stop (and remind you not to leave without your goodie bag).

INTERPHEX Puerto Rico (at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan on October 4th and 5th) brings together the best life science/facility professionals, suppliers, and a variety of experts to create and explore innovative solutions. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to attend the Caribbean's premier event for life-science manufacturing.

We truly hope you'll accept our invite and we look forward to seeing you in October. For more information about Q Source and INTERPHEX please visit our Facebook Events page.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering September 11th

Eleven years ago today, the United States experienced unthinkable tragedies at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, and in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Q Source would like to take a moment to remember those lives lost and to extend our sympathies to their families and loved ones.

A remembrance of September 11th is not complete without acknowledging the actions taken to keep us safe and protect us from further attacks on our country. We thank the police, military, and first responders for their daily acts of bravery.

Discover Big Savings on Scienscope Visual Inspection & Optical Solutions

If you give our September Social Networking Sale a detailed, up-close visual inspection you'll see an excellent opportunity for savings. Get an extra 10% OFF all Scienscope International items through September 30, 2012 just by "liking" us on Facebook.

Scienscope's inspection solutions are targeted at a number of applications with items ranging from general-purpose optical and video products all the way to complete visual inspection systems. This month's special offer helps you save on illuminated magnifiers like the Scienscope ML2-8D-45 Illuminated Magnifier w/8-Diopter Lens, high-quality microscopes including the Scienscope CO-ELZ-100 ELZ Series Mini Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope, complete visual inspection systems such as the Scienscope MAC-PK3-AN-X MAC Series Macro Zoom Video Inspection on the CF Articulating Arm System with a Fiber-Optic Annular Ring Light & 22" LCD Monitor, and more.

Now that you've discovered this great chance to save, all you have to do is visit our Facebook Coupons page and, if you haven't already, "like" us. You'll then get access to the September special offer code (and all subsequent codes) and then you can start shopping and saving an extra 10% OFF all Scienscope products at

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Q Source Previews INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012 Conference

Remember 723. Booth 723. That's where Q Source will be at the INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012 conference October 4th and 5th . Yes, we'll once again be exhibiting at the Caribbean's premier event for life science manufacturing.

For those involved in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, or Diagnostic industries, the INTERPHEX Puerto Rico conference is THE place in Latin America to obtain the information, education, and contacts needed to improve a company's bottom line, efficiency & productivity, and gain a valuable edge over the competition. Q Source has been a regular exhibitor and participant in INTERPHEX Puerto Rico and appreciates the value it brings to the local economy and the opportunity it provides for educating about new application-specific products in the manufacturing & assembly industry.

This year's conference is touting itself as, "Four Shows, One Event!" Attendees will gain valuable information through the INTERPHEX Puerto Rico, MEDICAL DEVICE Puerto Rico, BUILDINGS & FACILITIES Puerto Rico, & Latin American SUPPLY CHAIN 2012 shows. The conference and individual shows target the following topics:
  • INTERPHEX Puerto Rico - Covers pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing
  • MEDICAL DEVICE Puerto Rico - Focuses on the manufacturing and packaging of medical devices and instruments
  • BUILDINGS & FACILITIES Puerto Rico - Learn about environmental and operational efficiencies, including offerings around "green" buildings
  • Latin American SUPPLY CHAIN - Held alongside INTERPHEX Puerto Rico and provides a comprehensive showcase of supply chain, logistics and distribution technologies and solutions. Produced by the Multi Sectorial Alliance.
These shows will provide specific information for each track and tie in with the 200 exhibitors on the show floor to help attendees learn how to improve efficiency and productivity. The exhibitors will showcase the newest equipment, products, and services and provide an opportunity for networking among industry colleagues.

The INTERPHEX Puerto Rico 2012 conference will be held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan on October 4th and 5th. For further information, please visit the INTERPHEX Puerto Rico Web site or follow their conference blog. Q Source (remember, we're at Booth 723) will continue to blog leading up to the conference and throughout the show. For more information about Q Source and INTERPHEX please visit our Facebook Events page.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Save 10% Off All Scienscope Items in's September Social Networking Sale

You won't need a microscope to see how amazing this offer is. Our September Social Networking Sale on Facebook will save you 10% off ALL Scienscope items at through September 30, 2012.

Featuring a complete line of microscopes, measurement systems, machine vision, and x-ray technology, Scienscope has been creating high-quality inspection solutions for almost two decades. We're excited to be able to offer you this chance to save even more on impressive tools like this E-Series Parallel Zoom Stereo Microscope, the Macro Zoom Lens for MAC Series Macro Video Zoom Inspection System, and the Fiber Optic Dual Pipe/Gooseneck Light for LED Fiber Optic Illuminator. You're sure to find great ways to save on the optical and video solutions you need.

Zoom in on these great savings by visiting the Coupons tab of our Facebook page and clicking "like." That simple step will get you the code for 10% off ALL Scienscope products during this month's sale and set you up to access future sales.