Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Excelta Offers Custom-Built Tooling Solutions

Have you browsed through Excelta's selection of precision tools and found yourself wishing they would design a tool to your precise needs? Well, they will! Excelta's Custom Tools Department will work with you to create the exact tool to the specifications you provide.

Excelta's high-quality line of hand tools are designed with a number of applications in mind. But they also realize you may have special needs or face manufacturing challenges such as component forming, lead bending, or specific cutting tasks. So, using their years of experience, and state-of-the-art machinery, Excelta is able to offer a Special Tools option to help you have the precisely right tool for the job.

The process for building your custom tool is easy. Once Excelta has received your specifications/drawings/ requirements for the tool they will respond to you within 48 hours at no charge. There are also no tooling or set up charges. All that is required is a minimum quantity of one (1) tool for the order to proceed. Excelta guarantees that your custom tool will perform to the specifications quoted to you.

Q Source has been an authorized distributor of Excelta precision tools since 1984 and offers an extensive selection of Excelta's tweezers, pliers, cutters, and more. If after browsing through our offerings you find that a custom tool would more likely solve your challenges please contact us via email or phone (800-966-6020). We will gladly work with you and Excelta to help you get exactly the correct tool for your needs. Q Source is your solution-providing resource for custom tools, parts, and services.

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