Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OKi's FREE Soldering System & Blade Tip Offer Ends Soon - Get Yours Today!

All good things must come to an end (in this case July 31, 2012) and that's why we're reminding you, no, urging you to act now on OK International's incredible FREE offer: With the purchase of the OKi MRS-1100A Modular Convection Rework System (on sale for $4119.75), you'll get the OKi MFR-1120 Soldering System (a $335 value) and the CFV-BL100 10 mm Blade Tip (a $59 value) for FREE. That's a total savings of $669.25!

The MFR-1120 Soldering System, which includes the MFR-H2-ST Soldering Handpiece, and the CFV-BL100 Soldering Tip, which is a 10 mm wide blade-shaped tip, combined with the OKi MRS-1100A Modular Rework System, which includes a handheld convection tool, preheater, and adjustable tool holder with a free-standing board holder, help you create the ultimate soldering/rework system for removing and placing BGA/CSP and SMT components, production soldering, touch-up soldering, and SMD rework applications. This high-quality system provides everything you need to work with today's PCB and component technologies.

It's not often you can get a quality soldering system and tip for FREE, so don't let this exciting opportunity pass you by. Just add the OK International MRS-1100A to your cart at QSource.com and we'll add the MFR-1120 and CFV-BL100 to your order for FREE. If you have any questions about any of these OK International products, or for more information, you can also contact our knowledgeable experts at 800-966-6020 or via email. Remember, this FREE offer is valid only until July 31, 2012.

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