Friday, July 20, 2012

Akro-Mils Color Code Chart Helps to Create Efficient Visual Workplace in Healthcare Environments

Akro-Mils bins and storage products are great tools for use in 5S/Lean and visual workplace environments. Using these tools, and their experience with developing more efficient workspaces, they've created this chart:

Akro-Mils Color Code Chart for the Healthcare Industry
Akro-Mils 30210-Berry Personal / Patient Care Items Akro-Mils 30210-Light Blue Respiratory
Akro-Mils 30210-Teal Blood / IV / Wound Care Akro-Mils 30210-Purple Gastrointestinal
Akro-Mils 30210-Blue PPE / Cleaning & Protection Akro-Mils 30210-Stone Floor Specific's Akro-Mils Department is packed with hundreds of bin choices that will allow you to match products to this color code chart or create a new one of your own. For instance, using the 5.375" x 4.175" x 3" size of Standard Akro-Bins® we put together this package to reflect the Healthcare chart:
An alternate to the Healthcare color scheme could include these bins from the 17.875" L x 4.125" W x 4" H size of Standard Shelf Bins:

Alternative Color Code Chart for the Healthcare Industry
Akro-Mils 30128-Blue Personal / Patient Care Items Akro-Mils 30128-Green Respiratory
Akro-Mils 30128-Red Blood / IV / Wound Care Akro-Mils 30128-White Gastrointestinal or Floor
Akro-Mils 30128-Yellow PPE / Cleaning & Protection

Our extensive line of Akro-Mils storage and material handling resources allows you to be as creative as you want to be. Interchange sizes, colors, shapes…whatever works to create an efficient, workable system for your environment.

If after shopping our Akro-Mils Department you still have questions about creating a color code chart, or you are interested in other 5S/Lean resources we offer, please contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our helpful experts will work with you to create a solution.

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