Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SMT Soldering Comic Book Makes Soldering Fun & Easy

A little over a year ago, we told you about a fun and informative comic book aimed at teaching the reader how to solder ("Soldering Is Easy" - A Comic Book Tutorial for Newbies). That comic book has now been translated into 15 different languages, downloaded thousands of times, and inspired the latest resource we want to share with you: the "SMT Soldering - It's Easier Than You Think!" comic book.

Quincy Botnick (affectionately known as Q-Bot), our resident soldering guru and lovable robot mascot, nearly popped a bolt when he saw this new comic book tutorial. We caught him nodding his metallic head along to each panel in this 18-page graphical SMT (Surface Mount Technology) how-to. Q-Bot really liked how the authors (Greg Peek and Dave Roberts of SiliconFarmers.com) pointed out the best tools and techniques to make most SMT jobs seem quick and easy, while keeping the subject light and adding a comic-book-like sense of humor.

We, (especially Q-Bot), highly recommend the FREE "SMT Soldering - It's Easier Than You Think!" comic book. We'd also love to hear about any other soldering resources you come across. Please leave their links and any other related info in the comments section or send us an email.

If after reading the SMT Soldering comic book you get to feeling inspired to do a little SMT work of your own, please check out QSource.com for a wide selection of resources to help you on your way. We have a great selection of soldering stations, soldering irons, tips, solder wick, flux, tweezers, magnifying tools, and more. If you can't find what you're looking for, or have further questions, please give us a call (800-966-6020) or send an email and one of our helpful experts will find what you need.

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