Monday, June 4, 2012's New Lindstrom Precision Tools Department Helps You Find the Right Tool for the Job

Where should you go for the best product info, detailed specs, and low prices on Lindstrom Cutters and Pliers? Why, our new Lindstrom Precision Tools Cutters & Pliers Department, of course!

Talk about solution providing! Our newest department has been designed to provide all you need to make an educated decision on choosing the right tool for the job. You can quickly access pages of detailed information about Lindstrom's RX Series Cutters & Pliers, the 80-Series Cutters, the Supreme Series Cutters & Pliers, and their EX Series Cutters. That's comprehensive material for more than 75 quality tools!

Lindstrom's RX8162 Ultra-Flush Cutters
The RX Series is split into two sections. Just click on the cutters or the pliers to go to their respective pages.

Lindstrom's RX Series Cutters are ESD-safe and offer the precision work and ergonomic comfort needed for use in a variety of applications including electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing, jewelry/bead work, and more. There's also a convenient link to our "Lindstrom Rx Series Cutter Capacities & Dimensions" TechCenter article where you'll find side-by-side comparisons of dimensions and cutting capacities of the RX Series Wire Cutters.

The RX Series Pliers, like the cutters, have benefited from almost 150 years of refinement and technical expertise. They are also the ideal choice for bead, jewelry, and wire bending arts; and for use in medical device manufacturing and electronics assembly. The ESD-safe Lindstrom RX Series Pliers feature 1% carbon/chrome ball bearing-grade steel, forged components, CNC grinding of forged blanks, 63-65 HRC on the cutting edge, a precision screw joint, and a user-adjustable and replaceable BioSpring®.

Our Lindstrom 80-Series Cutters section features the cutters that have become the tried and true solutions for many traditional users working with a wide range of wire dimensions and types. The 80 Series Cutters offer unsurpassed cutting capacity and are available in flush, micro-bevel, and ultra-flush cutting types.

Our Lindstrom Supreme Series Cutters & Pliers section is also divided into individual pages. Both the Supreme Series Cutters & Pliers are perfect for doing electronics assembly and fine mechanical work. And, on many of the models, a specially made box joint with extra long contact surfaces is available for both types of tools. Because undesirable joint movement is held to a minimum, these tools ensure extremely precise alignment of the jaws, even at the extreme tip.

Lindstrom's 8140 EX Micro-Bevel Cutters
In the Lindstrom EX Series section, we present the Swiss-made cutters that are the superb choice for bead and wire arts or electronics assembly. Featuring wide, ergonomic handles and high-friction grips, these cutters distribute hand pressure evenly and allow precise handling with maximum comfort. Lindstrom's high-chromium steel alloy EX Series are induction hardened and utilize a special screw joint to offer precision alignment and extended tool life.

After you've examined all of the great information we've packed into our Lindstrom Precision Tools Cutters & Pliers Department, check out the awesome low prices available at A few examples of the big savings you'll find on Lindstrom's Cutters & Pliers include:

We're sure our new department will help you find the perfect Lindstrom Precision Tool to get your job done. But, if you still have questions before you place your order, you can always contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and one of our expert associates will gladly suggest the best possible solution.

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