Monday, June 11, 2012's New JBC Tools Department: Easily Explore Our Wide Selection of Quality Soldering Solutions

Easily find that specific soldering iron, tip, or rework station in's new JBC Tools Department. Our latest department update will help you browse through more than 180 JBC products to locate the exact piece you're looking for.

The landing page of our new JBC Tools Department is divided into a graphical display of four sections: Replacement Soldering Tips, Soldering Stations, Desoldering Stations, & Rework Stations. You can also scroll down and discover direct links to even more sub-sections. Let's take a look at the four main areas:

JBC's Tip Cartridges offer fast heat-up, excellent heat transfer, and great durability. Our tips sub-section is arranged by tip series to allow you to go right to the tips you need as quickly as possible. There are more than 150 tip choices in many shapes and sizes such as the C245-903 C245 Series Cartridge, an extended life tip with a conical shape for use with the T245 Handpiece.

JBC soldering stations are available in both Premium (created for industrial use) and Compact (same excellent technology in a smaller footprint) models. In the Soldering Stations sub-section you can find direct links to ten quality stations including the CD-1BB Advanced Series Soldering Station. The CD-1BB features a large, high-contrast graphic display and includes a cartridge extractor, an adjustable stand, a cable collector, a brass wool housing, a tip wiper, and a sponge.

JBC Tools desoldering stations are also available in both Premium and Compact models. Our Desoldering Stations sub-section currently links to five different selections including the DSS-1A Premium Series ESD-Safe Micro Digital Desoldering Station, which features a large LCD display with a menu that allows the user to easily modify values and settings.

Rework Stations from JBC Tools offer innovative features, powerful performance, and dependability. Our sub-section will guide you to a choice of eight Advanced and Premium Series models such as the RMST-1A Advanced Series Rework Station, which excels at rework applications and repairs of through-hole and SMT boards.

Our new department was designed to help you locate and easily purchase the exact JBC Tools product solution for your applications. But, if you're not sure of the correct JBC tool for the job, or if you still need further information, please contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and we'll have one of our helpful experts suggest the best resources available to you.

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