Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hakko's FX-601 Adjustable Temperature Control Soldering Iron: Powerful & Portable

For those soldering projects that need portability or an extra-long reach, we'd like to tell you about the Hakko FX-601 Adjustable Temperature Control Soldering Iron. This hand-held soldering iron is perfect for hobbyists (especially for stained glass artists) or for mobile applications where using a full-size station would be difficult.

The lightweight and ergonomic FX601 was designed to provide optimal heat performance, while allowing as much mobility as possible. Combined with its T19 Series Tips (which are similar to the T18 Series, but are a higher mass for improved performance) this Hakko soldering iron offers:
  • Efficient heating, which heats up five times faster than the Hakko 456
  • An extra long power cord
  • Fast thermal recovery, which increases productivity and saves time
  • Durable strain relief
  • A ceramic heating element, which better directs its heat while using a lower wattage
  • A slender handpiece
The Hakko FX601 Adjustable Temperature Control Soldering Iron
The Hakko FX-601 Adjustable Temperature Control Soldering Iron is very simple to use. The user can easily adjust the temperature with the control knob. The built-in temperature controller works fast and when the selected temperature is attained an LED on the grip blinks to let the user know.

The FX-601 soldering iron also features adjustable "electronic" closed-loop temperature control. The iron allows the temperature to be set via a dial on the handpiece. But for process control engineers or supervisors, there is a temperature adjustment tool included with which the temperature can be set and then locked. This will protect against unwanted temperature changes by the operator, which could potentially damage sensitive components.

For more info about the FX-601 soldering iron, you can read's "Hakko Soldering Iron Comparison" TechCenter article. To place an order, or get more specs, visit the FX-601 page at, where we also offer an extensive line of Hakko soldering stations, soldering tips, and accessories. If you have further questions, please give us a call (800-966-6020) or send us an email and one of our experts will be glad to help you.

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