Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Excelta 5-Star Cobaltima Series Tweezers: "On the Bench" Video

Excelta's 5-Star Cobaltima® Series Tweezers are for the most critical applications. They offer ultra-precision and are made with the most advanced materials available.

Jim LaFrance, from Excelta Corporation, sat down with us here at Q Source to "point out" a few of the benefits and features of their Cobaltima Series Tweezers such as:
  • 1 mm Softouch™ body thickness
  • Airflow finger grooves for better handling
  • Hardness about 720 Vickers 63/64 Rockwell C on the tips
  • Resistance to high temperatures – 500°C maximum
LaFrance also explained why the Cobaltima 5-Star Tweezers are very necessary in today's high-precision assembly environments.'s offers a full line of these high-quality tweezers at impressive low prices. Watch our video, visit our site, and then purchase the "precisely right" tweezers for your job.

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