Tuesday, May 8, 2012

QSource.com Adds Worklon & Palbam Class Cleanroom Products

QSource.com extended its selection of cleanroom resources recently with the addition of products from Palbam Class and Worklon. The addition of these quality cleanroom furniture and garment products increases our customers' choices for cleanroom and ESD-safe solutions.

Palbam Class manufactures high-quality, stainless steel cleanroom furniture and equipment. This global manufacturer's products are utilized in a variety of industries including semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and biotech. QSource.com's offerings of Palbam Class products include such items as: the BC40CMP Bootie Rack (40 Boot Cabinet), the TOOLCART Stainless Steel Tool Cart with 5 Drawers, and the GR08CMP Gownrack for Full Length Coveralls (8 Hangers).

Worklon, the cleanroom/ESD brand of Superior Uniform Group, offers a variety of cleanroom garments to help keep controlled and sterile environments contamination free. QSource.com's extensive selection of more than 1,100 Worklon items includes cleanroom garments like: the HD-ESD Maxima High-Density ESD-Safe Cleanroom Raglan Sleeve Coverall, Frock, and the Uppers Molded Sole Boot.

To browse our complete offerings of these excellent cleanroom products, please visit the Palbam Class and Worklon Departments at QSource.com. If you have further questions regarding these products, or other cleanroom resources, please contact us via phone (800-966-6020) or email and we'll be happy to help you.

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