Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brady Offers FREE Lean Visuals Pocketbook

When it comes to Lean, Brady is among the best at creating quality, innovative products to address 5S/Lean needs. Brady's new pocketbook, "50 Lean Visuals for Improving Productivity and Safety in Your Lean Facility" is a FREE resource loaded with helpful tips for using Lean visuals.

The fifty suggestions have been compiled by Brady's Lean experts and can easily be implemented in any facility. Using Lean visuals in the workplace has been proven to reduce waste, increase productivity, and improve safety.

These highly useful Lean visuals examples include:
  • #7 - High Traffic Storage Areas - Floor areas that experience heavy traffic (e.g., dragging skids or pallets) should be marked with corner marks and dashed lines instead of traditional floor tape.
  • #13 - Inside and Outside of Drawers, Cabinets and Toolboxes - All drawers, cabinets, toolboxes, and other organizers should be marked on the outside to clearly indicate what is contained within.
  • #32 - Gauge Labels - Adding a simple gauge label enables any employee to easily detect abnormalities at a glance and at a distance.
For 47 other great tips, download the pdf or fill out the online form to have a copy mailed to you.

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