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The Brady BMP®51 Label Maker: Getting the Job Done Just Got Even Easier!

Brady Worldwide's (Brady) back with another member of their exciting portable printing family: The BMP®51 Label Maker. The BMP51 is innovative, fast, and compatible with an extensive choice of label materials.

The BMP51 features the same great specifications and label material choices as the BMP53 (plus 58 new label cartridges), but the BMP51 has a display screen and keyboard that help get the job done faster and even easier. So, although they're not quite identical twins, the BMP51 and BMP53 are definitely cousins that share many of the same powerful traits that run in the Brady portable printer family.

The first trait these portable thermal transfer printers share is the ability to help you work faster. The BMP51 prints at a speedy 1" per second. It also uses the hassle-free, top-loading, drop-in label cartridges with automatic label formatting that were new on the BMP53. The label cartridges can't be loaded incorrectly and with no manual calibration needed the user can get to printing right away.

As with the BMP53, the BMP51 Label Maker also has several connectivity options to help you print faster. USB and Bluetooth® are standard on the BMP51, and through optional Brady network cards the printer can be controlled through Ethernet or WiFi. Brady's FREE Android® Apps, Brady Mobile Electrical and Brady Mobile DataComm, work directly with the BMP51's built-in Bluetooth connectivity and allows users to wirelessly create, edit, print, and save labels via an Android device.

What distinguishes these two powerful printers is the BMP51's large, backlit display that shows exactly how the text and/or graphics will print. It also indicates battery level, remaining material, and more. And the built-in QWERTY keyboard helps users create labels quickly.

The BMP51 promotes confidence in getting your printing jobs completed easily through its many excellent built-in features and a selection of powerful options. These include:
  • Three power options (8 AA batteries, AC adapter, and the optional Li-Ion* battery pack--when working with battery power the Li-Ion battery pack will allow the user to print more than twice the number of labels per charge as the AA batteries provide)
  • An extensive selection of continuous and die-cut label materials (more than 190 cartridge choices)
  • Ruggedly built to survive in industrial environments and extreme temperatures (it can even withstand a four-foot drop onto concrete)
  • The built-in cutter, with label retention, can make 20,000 cuts without needing a cleaning
* For a limited time: When you purchase a BMP51 printer and register it online at you will receive a FREE Li-Ion Battery Pack (an $85 value).

With the release of the BMP51, Brady is also releasing 58 new label cartridges compatible with both the BMP51 and BMP53 bringing the total number of label cartridge options for both printers to more than 190. These cartridges all feature the same ribbon and label materials in one cartridge design, "No Jam" technology, and a locking mechanism that prevents labels from retracting back into the cartridge.

A variety of label materials are available for the BMP51 to meet most industrial needs including:

Voice & Data Comm, Electrical, Product, Facility and Safety ID Materials
Laboratory ID Materials
Multi-Purpose Materials

The BMP51, as with the BMP53, is a very versatile portable printer. Users can create, edit, and print a variety of label types via an impressive choice of creative options including Brady's FREE Mobile Apps and Brady's LabelMark 5 software.

To provide users with an easy and convenient way to print wirelessly from their BMP51/53 portable printers, Brady created two Android apps, Brady Mobile Electrical and Brady Mobile DataComm. These innovative apps allow the user to create, edit, print, and save labels from their paired Android device. Black and white JPG images for logos or pictograms can also be used to create a truly customized label. These apps are perfect for creating the following label types:

Brady Mobile Electrical App
  • Flags
  • Wire Markers
  • Terminal Block
  • Templates
  • Files
  • General ID
Brady Mobile DataComm App
  • General ID
  • Flags
  • Patch Panel
  • Wire Markers
  • 110 Block
  • 66 Block
  • BIX Block
LabelMark 5 is Brady's user-friendly printing software that allows for integration of data sources and one cohesive system of label design and batch printing. This high-performance labeling software helps save time and makes it easy to create labels for:
  • Wire and cable marking
  • Terminal block marking
  • Control panel and component marking
  • Rating plate identification
  • Voice and data equipment labeling
Brady has made it easy to find a BMP51 portable printing solution to meet your exact needs. The standard printer ships with a hard carrying case, a battery tray for AA batteries, a USB Cable, a Drivers CD, a Product CD, the Quick Start Guide, and one MC-1500-595-WT-BK label cartridge. Options for the standard printer package include an AC adapter, rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, and the LabelMark 5 software.

Getting even more specific to user needs, Brady is also offering the BMP51 Label Maker in four convenient, money-saving Starter Kit packages:

Voice/Data Communications Starter Kit
  • BMP®51 Label Printer and Li-Ion Battery
  • Hard case, USB cable, and AC power supply
  • Self-laminating cable markers (M-21-427)
  • Port, faceplate, and general ID labels (M-30-422)
  • Non-adhesive slide-in strips for punch blocks (MC-475-412)
  • Rack and panel labels (MC-1000-595-YL-BK)
  • 1.5" White label roll for general ID (MC-1500-595-WT-BK)
Electrical Starter Kit
  • BMP®51 Label Printer and Li-Ion Battery
  • Hard case, USB cable, and AC power supply
  • Self-laminating wire markers (M-103-427)
  • Wrap-around wire markers (M-18-498)
  • PermaSleeve® PS heat shrink wire markers (M-187-1-342)
  • Panel identification labels (MC-1500-595-OR-BK)
  • 1.5" White label roll for general ID (MC-1500-595-WT-BK)
Facility Identification Starter Kit
  • BMP®51 Label Printer and Li-Ion Battery
  • Hard case, USB cable, and AC power supply
  • 1.5" Yellow label roll with black ribbon (MC-1500-595-YL-BK)
  • 1.5" White label roll with red ribbon (MC-1500-595-WT-RD)
  • 1.5" Green label roll with white ribbon (MC1500-595-GN-WT)
  • 1.5" White label roll with black ribbon (MC-1500-595-WT-BK)
  • 2" x 1" labels for low surface energy labeling (M-20-483)
Lab Identification Starter Kit
  • BMP®51 Label Printer and Li-Ion Battery
  • Hard case, USB cable, and AC power supply
  • Vial & tube labels (M-156-492)
  • Microplate labels (M-81-488)
  • Top & side label set for vials & tubes (M-120-492)
  • Removable die-cut labels for bottles, beakers, etc. (M-103-498)
  • 1.5" White label roll for general ID (MC-1500-595-WT-BK)
Each printer in Brady's portable printer family offers features to help the user print quicker and more conveniently. The BMP51 Label Maker does that and more and presents itself as the complete portable printing solution to meet most any needs. is once again your number one resource for Brady portable label printing. We have the complete line of Brady BMP51 printers, starter kits, cartridges, accessories, and even Brady's 360® Printer Replacement Plan, all available right now on our Web site.

So what are you waiting for? Click on over to's Brady BMP51 Department and purchase your own BMP51 today! Or, if you have questions or require further information, contact our expert sales associates by phone (800-966-6020) or email and they'll help you select the exact BMP51 Label Maker package to help you get the job done.

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