Friday, January 13, 2012

Garrett Metal Detectors: Hi-Tech Security Products Now at

Please remove all metal objects from your pockets while we let you know that now carries an extensive selection of Garrett Metal Detectors security products. Give our collection of Walk-Through, Hand-Held, and Ground Search Metal Detectors a scan and we're sure you'll find the security solution you're searching for.

Garrett Metal Detectors PD 6500i Walk-Through
Featuring industry-leading technology, Garrett Metal Detectors provide a formidable security option for settings such as airports, schools, and arenas; and they are built to meet international standards including TSA, ECAC, and DfT. So search no longer… has the hi-tech security offerings you need, such as the 1168411 Series PD 6500i 30" Walk-Through Metal Detector, the 1165800 SuperWand Hand-Held Metal Detector, and the 1140070 CSI 250 Series Ground Search Metal Detector.

Please visit the Garrett Metal Detectors page on for more information and to purchase these superior metal detectors and accessories. You may also call (800-966-6020) or email us and our helpful experts will discuss options for building a complete Garrett Metal Detectors security solution. Garrett Metal Detectors began selling and marketing metal detectors in 1964. They are headquartered in Garland, TX.


Md Shohidul Islam Robin said...

Does Smart Archway Gate Metal Detector any harm to pregnant ladies?

Q Source, Inc. said...

Here is an answer to your question about pregnant women and the Garrett Metal Detector (this info was found on the manufacturer's Web site):

Medical Safety
Garrett Metal Detectors™ makes every effort to ensure its products are safe for use. Extensive research by Garrett has produced no information which would indicate that its products have any adverse effects on medical implants, pregnancy, recording media or magnetic strips. Garrett makes every effort to cooperate with medical device manufacturers and to communicate with agencies such as the United States Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada as a means of assuring product safety. The electromagnetic fields produced by Garrett products are similar to those encountered in the daily environment and meet U.S. and International standards for electromagnetic emissions.

Garrett recognizes that certain medical devices may have additional requirements which may require special care. Users of medical devices should follow specific information provided by medical device manufacturers and medical practitioners. This information is often in the form of informational booklets and information cards. If, for any reason, (e.g. doctors orders, etc.), a patron objects to being scanned with a metal detector, it is recommended that alternative procedures be used.