Thursday, December 8, 2011

Q Source Trains with Swanstrom, Akro-Mils

In an example of Q Source's on-going effort to become your expert resource for product knowledge, our global sales associates were in Q Source's NY headquarters yesterday for extensive training sessions with two of our popular product lines. Chuck Mangus, Field Application Manager from Swanstrom Tools, and Tom Memmen, Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager from Akro-Mils®, demonstrated solutions for high-precision medical cutting applications and 5S/Lean initiatives, respectively.

Chuck Mangus, Field Application Manager at Swanstrom Tools
Mr. Mangus started off the day by talking about how Swanstrom's M-Series Medical-Grade Cutters were created to meet the challenging demands of medical professionals and how they continue to refine and create new tools based on user requests and experiences. He pointed out the adjustable Scrivet™ screw joint system, the 3-position adjustable opening stop, and 18-21 RMS finish and explained how these cutters are forged from high-carbon alloy steel , high chromium, and hardened using a unique proprietary heat treating process that gives them their durability and maximum strength.

The Swanstrom M-Series Medical-Grade Cutters were designed to cut through a variety of challenging materials and Mr. Mangus had our sales staff trying them out on Nitinol, piano wire, and others. After demonstrating a few hard-wire cutting applications (stylists, mandrels, etc.) he finished up by showing the proper way to cut these materials (do not cut with the back of the cutter) and the proper way to store the tools when not in use as to reduce strain on the spring mechanism.

Tom Memmen, Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager at Akro-Mils
Mr. Memmen closed our training day with a session on Akro-Mils' 5S/Lean solutions. Explaining how a company that implements a 5S/Lean process can increase productivity and quality, lower costs, and eliminate waste, he demonstrated how Akro-Mils bins, containers, and carts are valuable resources in a 5S/Lean operation.

Our staff learned about the steps of a 5S/Lean initiative (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) and the useful tools they could suggest as resources to our customers. For example, Mr. Memmen pointed out that Akro-Mils bins are perfect for sorting and separating items in the Sort process or for storing parts in the Set in Order step.

To learn more about, or to purchase, Swanstrom's cutters please visit the Swanstrom M-Series Medical-Grade Cutters Department at You can also read our previous blog post or watch our YouTube video about them.

For our Akro-Mils offerings, please visit the Akro-Mils section of You can also read our previous blog about Akro-Mils' Indicator Bins and see them in action in our YouTube video.

For any other questions, please give us a call at 800-966-6020 or email us.

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