Friday, November 11, 2011

Hakko Announces Discontinued MG Series/MACH Series Soldering Irons

American Hakko Products (Hakko) announced recently the discontinuation of the MG Series Soldering Guns and the MACH Series Soldering Irons. Hakko has indicated that replacement parts for these irons should be available for the next few years.
Hakko MG Series Soldering Guns

Model numbers involved in the discontinuations include:

MG Series Soldering Guns

  • 582M-V12
  • 583M-V12
  • 585M-V12
  • 587M-V12
  • 589M-V12

MACH Series Soldering Irons
Hakko MACH Series Soldering Irons
  • 918M-V12, 918M-V12/P
  • 920M-V12, 920M-V12/P
  • 921M-V12, 921M-V12/P
  • 922M-V12, 922M-V12/P
  • 924M-V12, 924M-V12/P

The MG Series/Mach Series irons were basic plug-in, fixed temperature stick irons. Both of these series of irons were long-time tools in the Hakko product lineup.

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