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The Brady BMP53 Label Maker: Getting the Job Done!

The new Brady BMP®53 Label Maker is here and Q Source is excited to tell you all about it! Read on to learn about the label printer that, as Brady says, is: "Made to get the job done!"

How does the BMP53 get the job done? By being faster, easier to use, and offering one of the largest selections of materials for a variety of applications. We haven't seen a portable label maker as rugged and versatile as the BMP53 and we're sure it will be your all-in-one printing solution for the on-the-job demands of industrial labeling.

Getting the job done faster is easy with the BMP53 thermal transfer printer. The new and improved top-loading cartridges can be changed in seconds and easily snap in so that they can't be loaded wrong. The automatic label formatting means no printer calibration, which lets you get back to work quickly. And when you're ready to print you'll do it at a brisk 1" per second when using the AC power or optional Li-Ion battery pack.

Another way the BMP53 helps you work faster is through its multiple connectivity options (it's these options that really differentiate the BMP53 from other Brady printers like the BMP21, IDXPERT, or the TLS PCLink). The printer comes standard with USB and Bluetooth®; Ethernet and WiFi options are available through Brady network cards. The Bluetooth connectivity works directly with Brady's FREE new Android® App, which allows users to wirelessly create, edit, print, and save labels from their Android device (LabelMark™ 5.5.1 software users can do the same on a computer or laptop with the Ethernet or WiFi adapters). Please note: The BMP53 does not have any internal memory for storage; files are saved to a PC or an Android device.

Brady is taking a huge leap in innovation to make sure the BMP53 is easy to print to from just about anywhere. The new Brady Mobile App for Android devices is now available in two versions (one for data comm users and the other for electrical applications). Both will do wire marker, flags, and general labels.

The FREE Brady Mobile App allows the user to create, edit, print, and save for later recall all from an Android device paired to the BMP53 Label Maker. With the ability to insert black and white JPG images for logos or pictograms you'll be able to customize your label to get it to look exactly the way you want it.

The two versions of the app will have options specific to their target users. The Brady Mobile App can be used for terminal block labels, patch panel, 110 block, 66 block, BIX block, and barcodes to name just a few.

The Brady Mobile App is available as a FREE download from the Android App Store.

Getting the job done isn’t just about working fast; it's also about working easier. When you're in the middle of a print job you don't want to have to stop because of a dead battery. With the BMP53's battery options for portability you can power your printer via 8 AA batteries or the optional Li-Ion battery pack (and if you have a power outlet around you can always plug-in with the standard AC adapter). When using the AA batteries you can expect to print about 1,200 labels per charge and you can more than double that to 3,000 by using the Li-Ion battery pack. Add the availability of continuous & die-cut label materials that can print up to 1.5" wide and you've got the perfect label making solution for most any need.

You'll also work easy knowing that the BMP53 is solidly built and designed to work in harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and a even survive a four-foot drop onto concrete. Add to that the optional magnet, which allows you to stick the BMP53 on panel doors, metal ladders, or any metal surface, and you've got a rugged, simple platform for printing just about anywhere.

Getting the job done right also means having the right materials for the task. With more than 130 label options and 16 different material options the Brady BMP53 is sure to have the exact label for many applications including: Data Comm & Audio/Visual ID, Facility & Safety ID, Product & Panel Manufacturing ID, Electrical ID, and Laboratory ID.

Label options span a variety of tasks and materials such as:
  • Self-Laminating Labels (made to fit the most common cable and wire sizes)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Grade Vinyl Labels (perfect for those rough, irregular, "difficult to adhere" to surfaces)
  • Gloss Polyester Labels (long-lasting identification through aggressive adhesives)
  • Repositionable Vinyl Cloth Labels (these wire wrap labels can be removed and moved around after they've been applied)
  • Nylon Cloth Flag Labels (easy flag creation via two printable zones)
  • PermaSleeve® PS Wire Marking Sleeves (featuring a 3:1 shrink ratio and heat shrink tubing for durable wire ID)
Options for Laboratory applications include:
  • FreezerBondz™ I (able to survive in liquid nitrogen, this material can be applied directly to frozen surfaces when it overlaps itself by 1/8")
  • FreezerBondz II Polyester Labels (able to survive in liquid nitrogen, this material can be applied directly to frozen tubes and vials without overlapping on itself)
  • Chemically Resistant Polyester Labels (resistant to IPA, DMSO, ethanol, and short-term xylene exposure)
  • Self-Laminating Polyester Labels (its clear tail protects the printed legend and/or provides a window to view tube contents)
  • Nylon Cloth Labels (easy to handle and highly conformable; perfect for vial and tube identification)
While the BMP53's labels are priced the same as the IDXPERT labels, they are not interchangeable. The new BMP53 label cartridges have been redesigned and are smaller than the IDXPERT labels, have 45% less components, feature a locking mechanism that holds the supply in place and also Brady's "No Jam" technology. These new labels are also available in two sizes: 3/4" short cartridge and a 1.5" tall cartridge.

The Brady BMP53 is targeted at users of Brady's IDXPERT and BMP21 printers. The 300 dpi BMP53 addresses any shortcomings of those models and adds more functionality and materials options.

There are three different options for purchasing the Brady BMP53 printer and also four industry-specific "starter kits":
For a limited time: When you purchase a BMP53 printer and register it online at you will receive a FREE Li-Ion Battery Pack.

Industry Starter Kits (all kits include LabelMark Standard, four industry-specific consumables, and all items that ship with the printer*):
* Please note: The BMP53 ships with an MC-1500-595-WT-BK cartridge (1.5" wide, white B595 vinyl with black printing ribbon), USB cable and built-in Bluetooth-enabled Brady Network Card, documentation CD, drivers CD, quick start guide, an AC adapter, and a battery tray to hold 8 AA batteries all in a hardcase.

We also offer the Brady 360® Printer Replacement Plan, which is a great way to ensure you always have a working BMP53 available to you.

So, as you can see, when it comes to your portable label printing tasks, the Brady BMP53 gets the job done right. And when it comes to offering you the complete line of Brady BMP53 printers, labels, and accessories—with the expertise of our friendly, helpful sales associates— is your number one BMP53 resource.

Check out the complete Brady BMP53 Label Maker line in our new Brady BMP53 Department at You can also dig even deeper into the technical details of  the BMP53 at our new Q Source TechCenter. If you don't see what you’re looking for, or if you have questions, please give us a call (800-966-6020) or send us an email (

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