Monday, October 10, 2011

Brady's LabelMark 5.4 Adds New Features/Enhancements

Brady Worldwide (Brady) announced recently a significant upgrade to their LabelMark Labeling Software. The release of LabelMark 5.4 (LM5.4) sees several new features and enhancements added and addresses a few issues with bug fixes.

The Standard Edition of LM5.4 includes such new features and updates as: new options when choosing pre-printed supply types, an updated interface when printing ranges of labels, font size buttons added to the text properties toolbar, choices for default zoom factors in the application defaults, a vertical alignment update, easier sticky text tool usage, changes to the edit 110 block layout can now be made in the editor, and user-created custom SQL queries.

The Pro Edition includes all of the enhancements of the Standard Edition plus a new DataComm Wizard, which helps the user design labels for specific manufacturers' data communication panels and also allows for custom products to be created if the manufacturer is not already listed in the wizard.

The 5.4 release also contains the following bug fixes: when importing data to rotated objects the top left corner now stays consistent from label to label, the split legacy text object addresses issues when opening LabelMark 3 and 4 files, THT-19-430 and THT-17-430 have been added to the parts database, legacy files will now open, the M71EP-176-593 part definition has been fixed, custom continuous part for IP Printer now available, skipping of PS-125-2 labels during print has been fixed, transferring a license now works even if the new machine and old machine have different clock settings, a problem with importing using the autofit wiremark templates has been fixed, an update to font size change notifications, and a fix to BPT part definitions to ensure proper printing on the BBP11 printer.

Please follow the link for more information about the Brady LabelMark 5.4 release. To place an order for the LM5.4 software please call Q Source at 800-966-6020. We also offer the LabelMark software bundled with Brady's excellent BMP71 Portable Label Printer.

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Anonymous said...

BMp71 is a great tool for our industrial environment. We can push it to create up to 1000 labels a day if that is the job at hand. Labelmark is a great fit to import from excel or Autocad.