Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hakko Touts New FT-8002 Conversion Kit; Announces Discontinued Products

American Hakko Products (Hakko) announced yesterday the availability of the new FT-8002 Conversion Kit and the discontinuation of three products. Further moving customers to their newer products, the discontinuations included the FT-800 Thermal Wire Stripper, the FT-8001 Handpiece for the FT-800, and the HJ3100 Silencer.

The Hakko FT-8002 Conversion Kit is ESD-safe and allows the FT-800 Thermal Wire Stripper to use the new, ergonomic FT-8002 Handpiece and the new, more durable G2 Series blades (blades not included with this unit). The FT-8002 Conversion Kit (part number FT8002-CK) includes the FT-8002 Handpiece (FT8002-01), the FT-8002 Handpiece Holder (C1573), the FT-8002 Lead Adjuster (B3644), and a Blade Removal Tool (B3648).

The new FT-8002 Handpiece has been designed with operator comfort, durability, and cooler operation in mind and uses the new G2 Series blades. The older G1 Series blades may require minor adjustments if used with the new FT-8002 Handpiece. G2 Series blades used in the older FT-8001 Handpiece may experience rotational play when inserted and it is therefore recommended that the FT-8002 Conversion Kit be used when using the G2 Series.

Please note: Because of differences in the FT-8002 Handpiece Holder versus the FT-800 Holder, the Sleep and Auto Power Off functions are disabled when using the FT8002-CK.

For more information, or to purchase, the Hakko FT-8002 Conversion Kit, please call Q Source at 800-966-6020.

With the release of the FT-801 Digital Thermal Wire Stripper, Hakko has discontinued the FT-800 Thermal Wire Stripper and the FT-8001 Handpiece for the FT-800. Existing FT-800 users can replace their FT-800 Handpiece with the FT-8002 Conversion Kit, which will also allow them to easily transition to using the new G2 Series blades.

Hakko recently discontinued the Hakko HJ3100 Fume Extraction System and replaced it with the much quieter FA-430 Fume Extraction System. Now, they've discontinued the HJ3100 Silencer (999-210) citing lack of market demand and the low-noise output of the Hakko FA-430.

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