Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brady's BMP71 Thermal Label Printer: Quick & Easy Barcoding on the Go

Using bar codes is an easy and efficient process for inventory control, 5S/Lean initiatives, logistics, and tracking just about anything around the workplace. The Brady BMP™71 Label Printer makes barcode label printing quick, easy, and portable.

The QWERTY keyboard and full-color screen, combined with the built-in barcode application, makes it easy for the user to view and create customized barcode labels in just seconds. The BMP71 can print two of the most common types of barcode labels: Code 39 and Code 128. We'll take a closer look at the BMP71's barcode printing capabilities in an upcoming YouTube video in our "On the Bench" series.
Because of its compact size and portability, the user can take the BMP71 Label Printer with them wherever barcode labels are needed. If the print job requires a large number of barcode labels, they can be created ahead of time by connecting the BMP71 via USB to a Microsoft Windows® PC running Brady's LabelMark 5 software. More than 100,000 created label files can be stored internally in the BMP71's built-in 200MB of memory.
This rugged and versatile label printer is suited for a variety of applications and can print on all of the more than 400 different label types available. The BMP71 is fast (1.5" per second), easy to carry (weighing in at just 5.5 lb., with battery), and prints quality (300 dpi) thermal transfer labels on the go.

Lightweight, but made to hold up in an industrial environment, the Brady BMP71 Label Printer's built-in templates/wizards, high-quality/industrial-strength labels, and numerous applications set it apart from other printers as an inexpensive solution for most printing needs. Whether it's for barcode labeling, or a host of other uses, the BMP71 offers all the features of a desktop printer with the convenience of a portable.

Visit's Brady BMP71 Label Printer Store for more information or to make a purchase. The store offers a complete collection of labels, ribbons, accessories, and seven different BMP71 Label Printer packages to meet any portable printing challenge.


Anonymous said...

This unit has a larger display so it's easy on the eyes, plus the Battery charger is also an AC adapter.

Q Source said...

True. FYI, the screen measures 2.875" W x 2.125" H.