Monday, June 27, 2011

The Hakko FM-206 3-Port Rework Station: New Product Preview

Targeted at prototyping and for delicate rework, the Hakko FM-206 3-Port Rework Station is the next new product release coming from American Hakko Products (Hakko). Available as either an individual station (part number FM206-55) or in four standard configurations, the Hakko FM-206 is expected on July 5, 2011.

The stand-alone FM206-55 will come with the 3-Port Station, the B2756 Tip Tray, and a B2419 Power Cord. The four standard configurations (FM206-DSS, FM206-DTS, FM206-STA, and the FM206-DSA) each contain a combination of a soldering (FM-2027) and/or desoldering iron (FM-2024), tweezers (FM-2022), or a hot air pencil (FM-2029). Additional optional handpieces are/will be available (including the Hakko FM-2030 Heavy Duty Soldering Iron to be released in the near future).

Benefits and features of the Hakko FM-206 3-Port Rework Station include:
  • A graphical user interface (GUI), which features a digital airflow indicator, a configurable °C or °F display, and also allows for easy setup and operation of the station
  • Easily integrates with the FR-830 and FR-870 Preheaters
  • Vacuum and airflow provided by a self-contained pump (with an optional footswitch to control pump operation)
  • Sleek look and compact size decreases bench space needs
  • All three ports are powered simultaneously
  • Designed to be ESD safe

One of the "coolest" features of the FM-206 is the "cool-down" mode available when using the hot air pencil option. To promote tip life, after you shut down the pencil, the software will do a 15-second purge of air to cool down the tip.

We'll have further, detailed information about the Hakko FM-206 3-Port Rework Station after its release so keep coming back to The Q Source Resource and also check out our YouTube Channel for our "On the Bench" series of videos.

To find out more about the FM-206, and how you can order yours, give Q Source a call at 800-966-6020.

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