Thursday, May 26, 2011

TargetBlower Model 6202e 5V Ionizing Blower from Simco-Ion Technology Group Now Available: New Product Preview

Simco-Ion's TargetBlower is an in-tool ionizing blower designed to control static charge in near-critical environments. With a ±5V or better balance, the Model 6202e meets the requirements for manufacturing Class 0 (Charged Device Model) devices. It is ideally suited for applications such as backend semiconductor manufacturing and hard disk drive manufacturing.

Key product features for this compact, space-saving ionizer include:
  • Unique Space-saving Design: No other ionizing blower looks like the TargetBlower. The TargetBlower's design improves its function as its collimated chassis directs the ions to the application area.
  • Balance Adjust Trimpot: As the environmental conditions change in the application area, the TargetBlower can be optimized using the balance adjustment trimpot.
  • Thin Filament Emitter Wire: The TargetBlower features a thin-filament emitter wire mounted in a circular configuration that generates a flowing stream of ions toward the application area.
  • Self-Cleaning Ionization System: The TargetBlower's microprocessor automatically operates upon power on and every seven days when the ionizer is continuously turned on. The wire is cleaned with a swiping mechanism. Ionization is not stopped at this time.
  • Alarm: Indicates HVPS failure and loss of ionization.
  • FMS Output: Relay connector allows Facility Monitoring System (FMS) connection to the tool or to a remote location.

The Model 6202e can also be used as a benchtop air ionizer with Simco-Ion's optional 14-21108 24 VDC external power supply. For more information, or to order the TargetBlower Model 6202e 5V Ionizing Blower, please visit or call 800-966-6020.

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