Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hakko FX-8804-CK SMD Hot Tweezer Conversion Kit for the FX-888: Now Available

Hakko has officially released the all-new FX-8804-CK Hot Tweezer Kit for the popular FX-888 Soldering Station and Q Source is now accepting orders!

The FX-8804 uses the same tips as the Hakko 950 Hot Tweezer but has the proper connection and heaters to work with the FX-888. It provides the FX-888 with the option for adding SMT repair and the ability to rework passive devices. The FX-8804 Hot Tweezer prevents damage to surrounding components on densely populated boards by delivering heat directly to components. It can easily remove SMD chips and flat packs up to 25 mm.

You can read more about the FX-8804 in our recent blog article and see it on our YouTube Channel and on our Flickr Photostream.

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