Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Akro-Mils Indicator™ Bins - 5S Lean Organization Made Easy

Whether you follow an organizational process like 5S Lean, or are just seeking a way to create fast, efficient inventory control, Akro-Mils' Indicator™ Bins offer a quick, visual solution. Indicator Bins are part of Akro-Mils' BinTelligence™ Series, "an innovative, low-cost alternative to high-end inventory control systems."

Allowing users to "Stock, Pick, Flip, and Replenish," Indicator Bins utilize the bright orange color that is part of 5S and other Lean initiatives (check back soon for an in-depth article on 5S Lean in a future Q Source Resource post). A simple visual inventory control process can be created through the following steps (look for our how-to video coming soon to Q Source's YouTube Channel):

  • Stock the bin using a divider to indicate volume for the inventory reserve
  • Pick from the blue side of the bin until reaching the divider
  • Flip the bin to the orange side to indicate inventory is low
  • Replenish the bin, turn it back to the blue side, and repeat

Featuring the unique two-color design (blue on one side, orange on the other), these polypropylene Indicator Bins are currently available in two sizes (4.25" and 6.75") with corresponding divider sizes available separately. Additional sizes are being considered for a future release.
"The Indicator Bin simplifies visual recognition when your supplies need to be replenished. An innovative and low-cost alternative to high-end inventory control systems," Thomas Memmen, Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager, Akro-Mils, Inc.
Other features and benefits of Akro-Mils Indicator Bins include:

  • Double-sided—bin can be filled or picked from both sides
  • Large label area on both sides
  • Strong rolled ridge allows for a maximum capacity load
  • Works with 14" wire shelving, 12" steel shelving, and pick rack systems
  • Organizes supplies and work-in-process easily
  • Reduces excess inventory and clutter
To order, or learn more about, Akro-Mils Indicator Bins please visit the QSource.com Akro-Mils Web page or call our helpful experts at 800-966-6020. Q Source is your resource for organizational tools, inventory control solutions, material handling, and Lean initiatives such as 5S Lean.

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